The Association monitored the number of requests for “Establishing the cadastral value in the amount of the market value” in accordance with Article 22.1

Currently, 15 constituent entities of the Russian Federation have begun implementing Article 22.1. The map shows the geography of these regions, and next year we predict a doubling of the number of regions that have switched to implementing Article 22.1. The transition period provided for by law, which we insisted on last year in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, assumes a smooth and painless one for the State Budgetary Institution and taxpayers. At the same time, the State Budgetary Institutions that were the first to adopt this article have a double responsibility, since the positive or negative practices created now will affect the work of other regions in the future.

The largest number of requests is observed in regions that conducted the assessment last year. According to the feedback collected, the most common reason for refusal to consider an application is an improper application to the State Budgetary Institution under Article 22.1 - mainly the provision of an assessment report compiled on the wrong assessment date.

Now we can state the low level of literacy of applicants, and therefore we need to more actively carry out explanatory work with the population, business and the appraisal community, as, for example, our colleagues from the State Budgetary Institution of the Perm Territory are doing.