Under this slogan, from state budgetary institutions specialists from 16 regions of Russia took part in practical exercises in Kazan.

ABICV Association, together with the IT-Park technopark of the city of Kazan, from November 28 to December 2, 2022, held a training seminar in the form of a round table for state cadastral appraisers on the topic: “Cadastral valuation of capital construction objects in 2023”.

The main objective of the event was to find solutions to practical issues that arise in the process of carrying out work to determine the cadastral value of capital construction objects, including:

  • Grouping of real estate objects
  • Real estate market analysis
  • Building statistical models
  • Application of KO-INVEST directories
  • Determination of the cadastral value by methods of mass assessment of the cost approach
  • Analysis of the results of determining the cadastral value
  • Preparation of reporting documents
  • Establishment of the cadastral value of real estate in the amount of the market in accordance with the provisions of Article 22.1 of the Federal Law-237

According to Oleg Mokrushin, head of the scientific and technical expert council of the ABICV Association: “The main tool for solving emerging issues is the exchange of experience between specialists from various institutions.”

Mokrushin Oleg Vladimirovich - Head of the Scientific and Technical Expert Council of the ABICV Association

During the event, leading experts in the field of state cadastral valuation spoke and shared their experience. For each participant, in order to quickly solve problems, access to the settlement materials of the database of his subject was organized.

The acquired skills will allow to carry out work on the state cadastral valuation on time and at a high quality level, - said Iskander Meldebekov, Chairman of the ABICV Association.