The Interregional Conference “New Digital Reality: Unified State Register of Real Estate and Spatial Data, Artificial Intelligence” was held at the site of the Government of the Perm Territory.

About 200 specialists from 16 regions of Russia discussed the issues of spatial data and AI in the Kama region.

“Potential investors will be able to receive a high-quality and understandable tool, and the owners of dachas and houses will be able to get acquainted with the location of their property, what infrastructure surrounds it, and how this can affect the market value,” said Larisa Vedernikova, head of the regional Ministry of Property.

Iskander Meldebekov, Chairman of the Council of the ABICV Association, told the conference participants about the results of the analysis of all purchases in 2022 according to the complex cadastral works and noted that the conference allowed not only to talk about the achievements of the strong regions in terms of the implementation of the complex cadastral works, but also to show how great success was achieved to encourage other regions to adopt their experience next year.

Meldebekov Iskander Bulatovich - Chairman of the ABICV Association